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Original 1 Gallon Beer Kit

Mayer Cider Mill was built in 1835 by Perry Langdon. In 1876 Donat Mayer arrived in Webster and purchased the farm. He was a farmer who began making apple cider, grinding and pressing his excess apples. Other apple growers soon began bringing their apples to him and his son Donat Jr. for processing. Donat Jr. purchased the farm from his father in 1904.

Harvey Mayer, Donat Mayer Jr's son, ran the cider mill after his father, until 1962, when he sold it to David Bower. David Bower continued the farm and cider mill, pressing apple and making specialty cider, and even continuing the dounut productions. The dounuts are still made in the same way.

Mayers Cider Mill is one of the last remaining Cider Mills in the Webster Area, and even still utilizes some of its original equipment.