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Otto Hoxxeim Altbier Beer Refill Kit Weizen
Otto Hoxxeim
OUR PRICE: $14.98
Altbier Beer Refill Kit
OUR PRICE: $18.98
OUR PRICE: $18.98
Wit Otto Hoxxeim 5 Gallon Beer Equipment Kit Otto Hoxxeim Deluxe Beer Kit
OUR PRICE: $19.98
4 lbs of Pale Malt Extract
Specialty grains: none
Malt Extract: 3.3 lbs. Briess Weizen syrup, unhopped; plus 2 lbs. Laaglander pale dry, unhopped.
Bittering hops: 4 AAUs pellets or 5 AAUs whole Hallertau, Tettnanger, Spalt, or Perle
Finishing hops: none
Yeast: Wyest Labs #1007 or #1338, or M.eV Research #69
Special ingredient: 1 oz coriander seed
Priming sugar: 1 cup corn sugar
Gravities origina gravity 1.041; terminal gravity about 1.008
The Otto Hoxxiem Deluxe Home Brewery System allows you to brew world-class beer quickly and easily at home!
Otto Hoxxeim Basic Home BeerMaker
Everything you need to make a high quality beer in this simple kit. Ingredients, bottles, and fermenting barrel.