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Regina California Grapes/Juice Italian Juice Chilean Juice
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Italian Grapes Ice Juice Native Red New York Juice
36 Lbs of grapes, Click for Price
Sterile Packed, Click for Price
Otto Hoxxeim 2 1/2 Gallon Refill Otto Hoxxeim 5 Gallon Refill Fruit Juice New York
California Juice Native Blush New York Hybrid Red New York
Hybrid White New York Vinifera White New York Vinifera Red New York
Honey Stick Pure New York State Maple Syrup Simmering Green Apple Potpourri
Honey Stick
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Maple Syrup in Different Grades and Differnt Sizes
Honey Jars Vinegar Bee Wax Sheets
Honey Jars
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OUR PRICE: $3.98
Bee Wax Sheets
OUR PRICE: $4.95
Champagne Vinegar Rice Wine Vinegar Buttermilk Pancake Mix
Champagne Vinegar
OUR PRICE: $4.98
Rice Wine Vinegar
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Buttermilk Pancake Mix
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Buckwheat Pancake Mix Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Bee Wax Candles
Buckwheat Pancake Mix
OUR PRICE: $4.98
Bee Wax Candles
OUR PRICE: $5.00
Cheese at 9.98/lb.
Mayer's Butter Cream Fudge Honey Bear White Wine Vinegar
Honey Bear
OUR PRICE: $5.98
White Wine Vinegar
OUR PRICE: $5.98
Built in the 1830 the Mayers' Cider Mill has been around. Bought in 1865 by Harvey Mayer and later by his son Donut Mayer, the Donut was invented. Donut Mayer Jr sold the Cidery to David Bower and he has run it since with his Sons, Pressing Cider and making donuts the same way Sr. did. The store has not expanded with an added barn and warehouse and hold beer and wine making supplies.