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Refills for kits bought at Stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart can be bought here! We are the original manufacturers.
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Equipment, Wine Bottling Kit
Soda Syrup Refill
OUR PRICE: $6.98
Wine Bottling Kit
OUR PRICE: $12.98
Make hard candy dinosaur suckers. Great for parties!
Gourmet Chocolate Kit
OUR PRICE: $14.98
Vino Ingredient Kit
OUR PRICE: $14.98
Otto Hoxxeim
OUR PRICE: $14.98
For young and old alike, the Gourmet Chocolate Kit is grat fun, east to use and highly rewarding. Better still, you can impress your friends and family with real home made dark & white chocolates.
Fun & Fruity Soda Pop
OUR PRICE: $16.98
BBQ Sauce Kits
OUR PRICE: $24.98
Make your own Root Beer & Birch Beer.
Lemon-Lime & Cherry-Cola. Make 1 gallon of each. Barbecue Sauce Kit. You'll get everything you need to make your favorite concoctions, including bottles/jars, labels and spices. Get your party started right with your own line of BBQ Sauces.
Gourmet Mustard Kit
OUR PRICE: $24.98
Cheesemaking & Sourdough
OUR PRICE: $24.98
Vino JR Refill BarrelKit
OUR PRICE: $24.98
Everything you need to make three popular styles of gourmet mustard. Vino JR Refill BarrelKit Product Guide & Instructions.
Brewology 101 Kit
OUR PRICE: $24.98
Floral Lab Perfume Maker
OUR PRICE: $29.98
1 Gallon Fruit Wine Kit
OUR PRICE: $29.98
Capture essential oils from flowers to create your own perfume!
Hot Sauce Kits
OUR PRICE: $34.98
Complete Beer Making Kit
OUR PRICE: $39.98
Make 15 Sweetly Scented Bars of Exfoliating Almond-Oatmeal Soap A most delicious Bathing Experiance You'll get everything you need to make oyur favorite concoctions, including  bottles, labels and spices. Get your part started right with your own line of food! You;ll also get recipe booklets to give you ideas to get started.
Beer Making Refill Kit
OUR PRICE: $39.98
3 Gallon Wine Making Kit
OUR PRICE: $45.98
Sterilizer, Yeast, Stabilizer, Clarifying Agent, 1.5 Plastic with Fermentation Lock and Spigot.
5 Gallon Wine Making Kit
OUR PRICE: $45.98
BC12 Barrel Kit Refill
OUR PRICE: $49.98
20 Liters
These are refill kits for the BC12 Barrel Kit they include juice concentrate, yeast, and fining agents, along with sterilizers.
Barrel Kit 2.5 Gallons
OUR PRICE: $59.98
6 Gallon Wine Making Kit
OUR PRICE: $65.98
The Otto Hoxxiem Deluxe Home Brewery System allows you to brew world-class beer quickly and easily at home!
6 Gallon Wine Making Kit
OUR PRICE: $89.98
Wine Lover's Deluxe Kit
OUR PRICE: $149.98
Comes with Glass Carboy
Comes with Glass Carboy
Some of these Products were carried and sold at Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, and Target.