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Vino started with two founders, Bill Hosley & Barry Rabson both having made wine since 1950. After 10 years, they started the Vino Product line of home winemaking kits, Introducing the concept of simplicity in wine- making with dry raisin kits, In 1972, Vino hired and created more jobs than any of the large companies in Rochester, NY. Vino had designed all sorts of ‘do-it-yourself’ craft kits such as, Beermaking, Cheese & Yogurt, Brandied Fruit Maker, Sourdough Bread and The Perfume Maker Kit.

Vino played a large roll in the legalization of home beermaking with the passing of the law in 1972.

Today, Vino is part of a family owned business that originated in 1869. Vino has a new ‘juice in a bag’ winemaking kit with a uniquely crafted light weight barrel. Their new hobby kits include the Wine & Cheese, Root Beer Barrel, Hoxxeim Beer Barrel, Back Yard BBQ and Hot Sauce Kits.

Make Vino Products A Family Tradition